Our Instructional Activities

RIZTAT, our alma mater does not only teach to achieve the cognitive and affective alone but also aids the pupils in discovering their potentials in the psychomotor and affective objective of education via the following streamlined activities such as:    

  • Competitions (Spelling bee, Diction reading, Nelson Handwriting)
  • Intensive Qur`aan and Hadith memorization
  • Clubs: Writers, Debaters, Science, Art and Swimming Clubs
  • Field Trip and excursions
  • Martial Art and instruction and lots more.

     We offer admission into the following classes:

  • Crèche
  • Playgroup
  • Nursery; and
  • Primary classes

We also teach and groom children (age 4 to 18) on Phonics, Diction, Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Speech Presentation, Drama, Debate, Spelling, Nelson Handwriting etc. through our unique pedagogical techniques, hands-on instructional materials and regular intra/inter school competitions.