Message from the Proprietress

In a warm spirit, I specially welcome you to Riztat Nursery and Primary School, a Muslim School of your dreamt Standard. I hope all information obtained here will provide you useful hints on possibilities that exist for your children/wards in Riztat.
At Riztat, instructions have been so schemed to discover and nurture children’s potentials through activity-based lessons that prompt children’s ability to observe, explore, discover and create. Consequently, we provide all children, especially the Muslim children, the opportunity to learn with fun and grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually in a conducive environment.
At Riztat, our aim and objective is to raise Ideal Muslim children through robust integrated curriculum education at equilibrium.
We believe that all members of Riztat family: teachers, parents, and students, contribute meaningfully to the progress of this great school. We hope you will come, share, learn, and explore with us!
Once again, I welcome you to the Riztat Community. Please come, visit us at our school. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our growing community of teachers, families and friends.
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Mrs Riskat Aduke Adenifuja